Ana Flores: Earth Inform Studio

Cafe Recuerdos

Commission: Public Art/ RI Latino Arts 2014

Designer, Artist: Ana Flores

Fabrication of collapsable cart: The SteelYard, Meredith Younger

In 2014 RI Latino Arts requested a public art project that would be a visual compliment to the oral histories of Rhode Island Latino immigrants collected by Marta Martinez. Those stories were published as a book entitled "Nuetras Raices" . Flores's response was Cafe Recuerdos", an artful and functional coffee cart which celebrates the ritual of cafe as a stimulant for creating community and as a catalyst for memories. Many Bustelo coffee cans were collected and donated by the community, these form the wall which has painted anecdotes and portraits selected from stories in the book.

The cart is used by RI Latino Arts to go into libraries, schools and parks for public programs that address oral history and our cultural identities. The project has recieved numerous awards and was recognized by the American LIbrary Association.