Ana Flores: Earth Inform Studio

Depot Square

Hope Valley, Rhode Island

Sculptor: Ana Flores

Landscape architect: Elena Pascarella

Depot Square park was created to mark the historic hub of Hope Valley. Thriving mills were once located nearby next to the river, and people would come from miles around to work, to shop, to visit, and to meet the short 5.7-mile railroad that connected the town to the outside world. The branch railroad ran from 1874 to 1947, carrying goods and passengers to meet the main Boston-to-New York line at Wood River Junction.

The design of the park reflects the rich natural and human history of the area. The stone walls reflecting the curves of the river are "talking walls," containing etched quotes collected from life long residents in the town. The fountain in the center compresses many layers of history, a restored horse trough which marked the center of this area is now the water basin and resting on top is a sculptural element that alludes to the glaciers that once shaped this valley.